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The cloud connector component for Backup Exec provides easy and secure integration with third-party cloud storage services, allowing you to create backup copies directly in the cloud and by exporting from disk to cloud. A list of supported regions can be found in the list of compatible hardware for Backup Exec.

Before you start using the cloud connector for Backup Exec, you need to familiarize yourself with the following terms:

Because we care about your well-being, we accompany you in your purchases and your installation with the help of files and tutorials simple and clear.

Tips and tricks from pros

For all your work, our plumbing specialists guide you step by step through the various installation steps. From heavy work such as the installation of a shower column, a sink or a radiator to small tasks such as the unblocking of toilets or pipes or the installation of joints, we are here for you in order to you Make life easier. With the good at dedicated server you can have the best deals done now.

With our tips, tricks and tips, you’ll be able to work efficiently and safely on your installations and repairs, and learn about our green techniques to unclog and maintain all your pipes.

An invaluable help in calling on the right professional

If you prefer, instead, to hire a professional for your plumbing work, we will guide you in the choice of specialists and in the preparation of specifications to carry out your project with a competent professional. To change your faucet or redo your bathroom, you will easily find a wide range of service providers. However, scams are possible, even common. In order to avoid malfunctions or damage, we accompany you in your research and we inform you of the modes of services and tariffs normally practiced for all plumbing work.

To copy your data to a remote server, two choices: you mount your own FTP server on a second machine, but it will quickly become complex, or, much easier to use, you buy a NAS (or Network Attached Storage).

  • This is a networked disk drive, that is, a storage enclosure for sharing (and managing) files on a server hosting multiple hard drives. As with external drives, NAS prices vary according to their storage capacity (the number of hard drives that can be inserted) and their functionality, but on average, between 150 and 300 euros.
  • Among these features, you can automatically save data, but also schedule downloads, set up a “private cloud”, or even create a multimedia jukebox, whose content will be accessible via your television, for example.
  • A practical solution, therefore, if you want to share data between several computers. Only downside: you will store your data in one place with the risk of failure that implies.

Today, there are also multifunctional wireless and portable devices that can be used as NAS when connecting a hard drive, but also routers, Wi-Fi access points or external batteries.

How to automate business processes?

Since the IT has entries business we can choose the best BPM enterprise software to improve company performance. Mechanisms and business process management is needed instead of manual skills, and telephone communication — all for the progress benefit.
What is the business process
There is the most obvious way to explain it. There are a company, a product, and the client. The algorithm of actions of the company for granting a product to the client is called business process. Such algorithm easily repeats, provides growth and profit.
Other cycles in work which aren’t connected directly with the client, but bringing the economy of expenses or profit markup too are BP (business processes).
The workmanship depends on the simplicity of objectives, the correctness of their regulation.
Only if in time updating, supplementing or reducing the sequence of actions you influence competition in the market of the company.
More difficult examples of business processes divide on:
the main, yield result for the client: production, processing, and packaging of the product;
auxiliary, distribute a resource and supply: materials, labor, repair of the equipment at the site;
managing directors allocated on a controlled object: sale control, the solution of problems of logistics and development of the development strategy for 5 years, interaction with shareholders.
There is also a deeper division:
the main;
accompanying, create additional earnings of the company besides profile: except the sale of a car the official dealer can lease them;
auxiliary, directly repair and maintenance of production, main processes;
providing support of accounts department, lawyers, system administrators, HR and the maintenance of offices;
developing, as for goods or service, and internal technologies, the equipment and methods of work of the company.
Any BP can’t be in one department. The sense of division into processes is to find communications between divisions and to improve them for the growth of speed of work, efficiency, and profit.

The Perfect Surveillance Camera for You Now

Today, night vision surveillance camera systems provide reliable surveillance, good resolution images and easy storage using a digital video recorder instead of video tape. Cameras with night-vision monitoring allow continuous recording or sensor triggering or taking a still image at regular intervals, such as every 5 or 10 seconds. They find several types of applications, such as building surveillance or shooting wild animals.

When purchasing a digital night vision camera, several parameters need to be taken into account: black and white or color image, system connectivity options, outdoor or indoor use, number of necessary cameras, and sensitivity.

Surveillance camera in color or black and white

The determining factor in choosing a black and white or color surveillance camera is the level of light in the environment. Color cameras allow you to make more detail on the image. But there must be enough light.

An important feature of a night vision surveillance camera is the infrared LEDs and infrared sensor because they offer more versatility to the camera giving it a night vision capability. In any case, in use in night vision (infrared), the image will necessarily be in black and white.

Type of connectivity

Depending on the recording conditions and the environment, it will be necessary to determine whether a wired or wireless system best meets your needs. Wired cameras are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and generally provide the best picture quality.

Wireless cameras are simple to set up and are more able to adapt to the environment. There are 2 wireless solutions: wireless data transmission or storage in a memory. Attention, it will take into account the battery life.IP surveillance cameras allow the user to connect the system using a computer router.

Sensitivity to light and Lux

When choosing a night vision surveillance camera, sensitivity is an important criterion. The quality of the image strongly depends on it.Lux determines the ability of a camera to capture an image in a variety of lighting conditions.

Motion detection

Motion detection is a useful capability for surveillance systems, especially when used at night for wildlife viewing. In this case, adjusting the sensitivity is important, so that a movement of branches and leaves does not trigger the system.

Outdoor or indoor surveillance camera

Whether the installation of the security camera is made outdoors to scare or inside, both solutions offer excellent protection.Outdoor surveillance cameras must be waterproof to ensure reliable operation in all kinds of weather conditions and have a cap to prevent raindrops from getting on the lens.

Number of cameras

The number of cameras depends on the desired level of coverage, including indoor surveillance.

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