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The cloud connector component for Backup Exec provides easy and secure integration with third-party cloud storage services, allowing you to create backup copies directly in the cloud and by exporting from disk to cloud. A list of supported regions can be found in the list of compatible hardware for Backup Exec.

Before you start using the cloud connector for Backup Exec, you need to familiarize yourself with the following terms:

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To copy your data to a remote server, two choices: you mount your own FTP server on a second machine, but it will quickly become complex, or, much easier to use, you buy a NAS (or Network Attached Storage).

  • This is a networked disk drive, that is, a storage enclosure for sharing (and managing) files on a server hosting multiple hard drives. As with external drives, NAS prices vary according to their storage capacity (the number of hard drives that can be inserted) and their functionality, but on average, between 150 and 300 euros.
  • Among these features, you can automatically save data, but also schedule downloads, set up a “private cloud”, or even create a multimedia jukebox, whose content will be accessible via your television, for example.
  • A practical solution, therefore, if you want to share data between several computers. Only downside: you will store your data in one place with the risk of failure that implies.

Today, there are also multifunctional wireless and portable devices that can be used as NAS when connecting a hard drive, but also routers, Wi-Fi access points or external batteries.

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