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The Airsoft Guns are constantly improved and remodelled, and the new plastic polymer technology has enabled the creation of a new generation of Airsoft Guns with exceptional durability and detail. This combination of realism, safety and low costs has made the Airsoft Guns even more popular during the last decade. A lot of people like the idea of being able to practise their steadiness and their eye-hand coordination without using a lethal weapon.

The Airsoft Guns are usually divided into a few wide categories, depending on how the Airsoft Gun is powered.

  • Spring Air pistols and rifles

These Airsoft Guns are commonly referred to as “single shot”, and are very similar to ordinary BB guns. You use the Spring Air Gun by pulling back the slide to charge the firing mechanism, just like you would with a real gun. Then it’s simply a question of aiming and firing. With a Spring AirGun, you have to cock manually after each shot. The Spring Air Guns are very suitable for the beginner, since they have a maintenance free design and are less expensive than other types of Airsoft Guns.

  • Gas powered Air pistols and rifles

These Airsoft Guns are popular among the more devoted Airsoft enjoyers and the picky collectors, since the gas powered Air Guns have a more advanced design and function. This also means that the gas powered Air Guns usually comes at a considerably higher price than the Spring Air Guns. A gas powered Air Gun needs Freon, green gas or low temperature carbon dioxide to work. You inject the gas into a reservoir inside the weapon, or into an exterior container. When you wish to use your gas powered Air Gun you chamber the first round by pulling back the slide, and then simply aim and fire. There are two kinds of gas powered Air Guns – standard hose feed gas guns and gas blow back guns. The second type is the most popular one, due to its supreme power and realistic blow back actions. If you use a gas blow back gun, the blowback action will load the next round automatically and the slide will lock open after all rounds are fired.

  • Electric Air pistols and rifles

This type of pistols and rifles are commonly referred to as Electric AirSofts or Select Fire. Electric AirSofts are popular since they are very reliable and usually last at least 3 years or more without trouble, and because they are not single shot. You don’t have to think about refilling any gas cans, since the Electric AirSofts are powered by rechargeable batteries. The Electric AirSofts have a small motor and you can therefore enjoy a near instantaneous firing response. The Electric AirSofts are submachine pistols or rifles, and a constant pull on the trigger will cause a fully automatic rapid firing in a machine gun-like way. Most designs will allow you to adjust the gun, thereby controlling the number of shots fired during burst mode. Electric AirSofts are often finely detailed and you can choose from a long variety of functional accessories and components. A sub-category to the Electric Air pistols and rifles are the “Mini AirSoft” guns, small replicas of actual submachine guns and rifles.